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Passionate about fashion, design and marketing, I grew up in the world of fashion and fine jewelry. My parents, Jérôme Gruet, fashion designer (Paris, 75001) and Lena Kebe Magnusson, manager at Jérôme Gruet Paris, instilled in me their sense of aesthetics, colors, materials but also the notions of quality, design and elegance. 

Since 2015, during my studies and my free time, I have been a freelance stylist, model maker and artistic director, for fashion brands such as Hello World Collective, but also on short films and for private clients (making bride / accessorization / hairstyle and make-up advice).

It was during my bachelor at EIML Paris (International School of Luxury Marketing), that I studied design, fashion history, textiles, colors and digital graphics but also marketing and merchandising in the luxury industry. With regard to communication, I studied advertising, communication strategies, the creation of editorial lines and the importance of social networks and interaction with communities in the development of a brand.

My training extended in 2017, during my Professional Master in entertainment at UCLA California (Los Angeles), where I worked in artistic direction, photography, videography, postproduction, preproduction, video editing, marketing and distribution in the film and television industry.

I have always had a passion for the visual arts such as photography, videography, design and graphics. I grew up immersed in the fashion industry, in fairs and fashion shows and since childhood I have always had an interest in fashion design.

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