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Dedicated to fashion, design, and marketing, I've been working independently since 2015 as a stylist, marketing advisor, and artistic director in various industries, including fashion and cinema.

I gained a strong foundation during my bachelor's at EIML Paris. There, I studied design, fashion history, textiles, colors, digital graphics, and marketing. I also learned about merchandising and communication, focusing on advertising, communication strategies, creating editorial guidelines, and using social networks for brand development.

In 2017, I expanded my skills during a certificate program at UCLA California (Los Angeles) in entertainment. I gained expertise in artistic direction, photography, videography, postproduction, preproduction, video editing, marketing, and distribution in the film and TV industry.

I achieved my bachelor's degree in High Fashion from ESMOD Paris in 2022 and founded Gruet 1550, a brand specializing in handcrafted, made-to-order high fashion.

Since November 2022, I've been working as a Photography Stylist at Christian Dior. My role involves managing stylist teams during photoshoots, coordinating with our studio and Christian Dior's creative teams, and ensuring high-quality images aligning with creative briefs.

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